Benefits Of A Cup Of Green Tea

Green tea is supposed to be the present day sugar beverage. It’s on toll. The great serving has been adapted all over the earth due to its mind slashing positive effects on the human body. Requires nothing more than a cup of hot water and a tea bag, this cup full of green tea has several good health effects and can prevent your body from falling ill even in the most severe conditions.

 Green Tea

Here is a conclusion of few of the benefits of a cup of green tea.

  • Weight Reduction: If you drink 3 glasses of green tea a day, you can easily loose about 5-8 kgs of weight without any physical exercise.Green tea is supposed to be a fat burning constituent and it can easily help you loose ample of weight if collaborated with a bit of exercises. It increases the oxidation of fat by almost 17% and can burn the clogged inner fat of the body. So just go girls and grab that cup of green tea and get a perfect body figure in a month.
  • Antioxidant: Green tea serves as a great antioxidant. It helps eliminate all the waste from the body via urine and detoxifies each and every part of the body. Its detoxifying properties can save you from going to doctors. Moreover, it can prevent cancer, which is nowadays no big deal. Every third person today have some or other type of cancer. Its oxidative properties can help the control the uncontrolled growth of the cells of the body, hence preventing chances of getting cancer. But it is always advisable to drink the tea in water than milk otherwise the antioxidant properties of the tea is slashed by almost 40%.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases: Today, cardiovascular diseases like heart stroke and attacks lead to most deaths. Green tea has constituents that can reduce the occurrence of a heart attack, which includes LDL and cholesterol deposition in arteries.Did you know Deepika Padukone’s Diet Plan includes a hughe intake of Green tea.

  • It protects fat particles from oxidizing and also shows an increment in the antioxidant property of blood. According to a study it decreases about 31% chances of occurrence of a cardiovascular disease.
  • Improves Dental Hygiene: Green tea contains catechins which help killing the bacteria in the mouth and also helps to improve you health all round. It also reduces the occurrence of inflammation and attack by bacterial and virus species.
  • Moreover, it reduces caries and also reduces bad breath. Hence, no other substantial product is needed to let that bad breath go away or no need to prevent yourself from speaking your heart out.
  • Brain functioning: Want to get smart?¿ drink a cup of green tea. Yes, green tea has compounds that can increase the functioning of your brain and can make you way more smarter than you presently are!!
  • The key compound is caffeine that in general has the property to make a person alert and acts as a stimulant.
  • So the above positive effects might have created that jittery effect.  So just go and start drinking green tea from today onwards. Even Miley Cyrus Vegan Diet Plan includes Green Tea.

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