Foods that help in weight reduction

A weight loss food item or ingredient plays the most important role in regulating the weight loss process. It’s extremely crucial to consume the right diet while on a weight reduction spree. The collection or selection of a right diet can help enhance the rate of your weight reduction process and lessen your extra physical workout. There are a few magical food ingredients that can help enhance your weight loss program.

In spite of visiting a dietician for your diet plan, self exploration is more important and hence, here we have a few food ingredients that are as magical as a magic wand and can help you increase your metabolic rates and weight reduction process.

  1. Nuts: Almonds and pistachios; both of these acts like pills for natural weight loss. Overweight people staying on a balanced and calorie restricted diet if feed on a quarter of nuts, can lose 2- 3% more weight than normal. A fist full of almonds and a fist full of pistachios can render the results on consuming the same before exercising. Do not overeat it in case of lust otherwise they can even help in adding fat to your body.
  2. Avocado Oil: Replace your normal cooking oil with avocado oil. According to a study, avocado oil can reduce up to 20% of your belly fat and can help reduce overall weight as well. Include not more than 2-3 tablespoon of it in your diet.
  3. Legumes: Try turning your diet on legumes. Dry beans works wonders. A person on diet must consume at least 4 meals as legumes to lose considerable weight quickly. It helps in reduction of the bad LDL and improvement of the good HDL thereby reducing the cholesterol level in the body. These can be also consumed in the form of salad tossed together.
  4. Green Leafy Vegetables: Though they are quite common, but it is very important to include them in your diet chart. They have magical properties that serve important for the weight loss diet plan.

They are supposed to be very low in calorie content and rich in fiber. They serve as a whole meal and are the most important constituent even of a normal diet. An inclusion of all they have ample of vitamins, mineral content, water for hydrating purposes and most importantly they are antioxidants, which are important for filtration of the body residues.

Boiled Potatoes: a very old and recalled myth is that potatoes contain starch and increase the body weight of an individual. But, it is extremely important to be aware of the fact that potatoes have several important properties.

They have varied amounts of nutrients and are rich in Pottasium, which helps in regulation of bodily disorders.

Eating boiled potatoes makes a person fell full and hence reduces the chances of further eating. Boiling helps produce starch which is rich in fibers and fibers serve important to lose weight. Sweet potato can serve an alternative to this.

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